Tapestry III - Cottage & Castle

by Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee

Released 2003
Castlebay, Inc
Released 2003
Castlebay, Inc
Elegant but not stuffy music with harp, fiddle, flute, cello
Cottage & Castle
No aristocratic Celtic household was complete without resident musicians who would create melodies honoring their patrons' holdings. These tunes affirm the connection of home and heart.

Patricia Boyle-Wight- flute, Carolan's Cottage, Tigh Morag / Da Peerie Hoose Ahint da Burn
Forrest Dillon- harpsichord, Hatfield House / Little House under the Hill
Doreen Conboy- cello, Hatfield House / Little House under the Hill, Cumbernaud House, Castle Kelly/ Drummond Castle
1) Coilsfield House (5:00)
2) Carolan's Cottage (4:30)
3) Castle of the Faerie Queen (4:10)
4) Whithorn (3:55)
5) Dumfries House (1:50)
6) Rivendell (6:02)
7) Castle Kelly / Drummond Castle (5:55
8) Hatfield House / Little House under the Hill (3:30)
9) Roslin Castle (4:12)
10) Tigh Morag / Da Peerie Hoose Ahint da Burn (6:45)
11) Cumbernaud House (6:45)

18th century fiddler Nathaniel Gow made Coilsfield House for a manor house in Ayrshire.Carolan's Cottage is attributed to the blind Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), but noted as Alloa House in Johnson's Scots Musical Museum (1787). Castle of the Faerie Queen an elegant, courtly air made by contemporary Irish fiddler Nollaig Casey.Whithorn was inspired by the first Christian settlement in Scotland established by St Ninian on the Solway Firth in the 4th century. Dumfries House was built in a parkland in Ayrshire between 1754-9. Robert Burns wrote a poem- "to John Kennedy, Dumfries House". All travellers were welcome at Rivendell, the home of Elrond the Elvish healer in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". Castle Kelly in Fife Scotland originally dates from 1360, and was rebuilt in the 1600's. A fine example of domestic Lowland architecture, the19th c restoration includes a walled garden of roses. Drummond Castle, near Crieff, was built in 1491, but the family was removed by Cromwell to house his troops in the mid 17th c. Hatfield House, a 15th century English manor house, was Elizabeth 1st 's childhood home. The Little House under the Hill is a traditional reel.These two tunes bring to mind the festive country dancing that enlivened many a gathering at "the big hoose".Roslin Castle in Angus, also known as Glamis Castle, is mentioned in Macbeth and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was born here. The tune, possibly composed by James Oswald, is noted in several 18th c Scottish collections. It became a "shape-note" hymn and was a favorite funeral march in early 19th c America.Tigh Morag (Morag's house) depicts a friend's cottage on Skye where otters swim up the brook past the sunroom. Da Peerie Hoose Ahint da Burn is a traditional Shetland reel. Cumbernaud House in Wigtown was built in 1731 on the site of a castle destroyed by Cromwell's troops in 1651. One of the biggest in Scotland, it reflected the power of the Fleming family. Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, and Bonnie Prince Charlie have all figured prominently in Cumbernauld's colorful history.This tune used by Robert Burns for

Balconie House is located in Ross-shire. These two jigs bring to mind the festive country dancing that enlivened many a gathering at "the big hoose".
Cluny Castle,hereditary home of the Macphersons Chiefs, was destroyed by government troops in 1746. In 1805 a mansion was built which Queen Victoria planned to purchase1847. Put off by inclement weather, she bought Balmoral instead. Andrew Carnegie and his family later rented Cluny for their summer home. Each morning, guests were awakened by a piper playing beneath the window.This tune was made by the celebrated 19th century fiddler Scott Skinner who no doubt was asked to entertain at Cluny.
House of New-William Marshall collection 19th c
William Marshall (1748-1833) a well-respected Scottish fiddler and composer, was never a professional musician.Employed by the Duke of Gordon as butler, house steward and eventually factor for 62 years, he studied mechanics, architecture, astronomy, clockmaking and land surveying, and had a good reputation in athletics and dancing.

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