Ae Fond Kiss

by Castlebay

Released 2003
Castlebay, Inc
Released 2003
Castlebay, Inc
Gentle Celtic folk songs and ballads. These romantic songs are the perfect compliment to a good wine and a charming companion.
July 30, 2013 we received this wonderful note from Nicolae Ilco

" 'When we first rode down Ettrick. . .'
" Hi Castlebay I want to thank you very much for your absolutely fantastic music, I call it "sounds from heaven". I have searched a lot in order to find at least something alike your music and I haven't found, that means that you are the unique performers in this amazing style. I am deeply impressed with your melodies which are full of an ancient spirit of forgotten romanticism, full of mystery full of kindness, joy and a warm friendly atmosphere and I am firmly convinced, if all people in the world would listen to your music they would get much better, much kinder and friendly to each other. Thank you once again, I wish you good luck and all the best!"

JULIA LANE is a self-taught harper whose unique style has won the New England Regional Scottish Harp Championship at the Loon Mt Highland Games ('90, '91) and the Stonehill Irish Festival International Celtic Harp Competition ('92). She is an exceptional vocalist whose voice has been described as "vibrant, haunting"

FRED GOSBEE, in addition to singing in his rich baritone, plays guitars, viola, fiddle and woodwinds. Several of the instruments used by the duo are of his own design and construction.

Castlebay is known for sensitive arrangements of traditional Celtic music and their evocative original compositions. Notably, their "Sang o' the Solway", commissioned by the Galloway Scotland Arts Association, incorporates original music in the Scottish style, traditional songs and poetry. The work was performed at Celtic Connections in Glasgow with local Scottish musicians in 2001. In addition to their concerts and recordings, Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have a commitment to cultural education. They maintain an on-going exchange with Scottish musicians and folklorists and present educational programs integrating music, culture and history at schools, museums and Elderhostels.

Notes on the Music
Artful expressions of Love abound in the Scottish tradition. Though in no way does he have a monopoly on romanc, the champion on the subject was the poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). In addition to his own creations, he often adapted or "improved" pre-existing traditional lyrics for inclusion in his song collections. Burns wrote in his native Scots language, a cousin of English.

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