Cailleach Song

© 2017 Fred Gosbee


Guest Musicians / Festim Fanaj-Violin, Florin Fanaj- guitar
The Cailleach (cahl-yahk) or Old Woman is the guardian of Samhain. Her wisdom, gained by years of experience, demands our respect and attention.


When the year is getting older and the sun begins to pale,

On the last day of October Cailleach will lift the veil.

Then the ghosts of our ancestors; spirits that have gone before;

Sometimes call across the chasm see us through the opening door

Samhain fires light up the night;

Help us keep the dark away

Cailleach's eyes are burning bright

Brighter than the bonfire's flame

Now's the time to ask your questions,

Find out what the future holds.

While the spirits walk among us

Many things might be foretold

Will this be the year I marry?

What might be my husband's name?

Many are the divinations

In the guise of Samhain games


Soulcake may appeas the spirits

And the shadows of the dead

But your mask cannot protect you

From a truth you've come to dread

Cailleach just holds the mirror

Shows things you don't want to know

What you see you have brought with you.

Only you can let it go


Welcome now the gift of darkness

As the failing sun goes down

In the quiet nights of winter

There is wisdom to be found

Cailleach has stirred the cauldron;

Cailleach is old and wise

Listen for her endlaess ballad

Underneath the winter skies.



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