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Tunes Suitable for Processionals
These are listed from the fastest to the slowest tempo.
Our live acoustic music is appealing to a wide audience and enhances an atmosphere of casual elegance and charm. As a result your guests will always have delightful memories of your special day. Event coordinators can relax with confidence knowing that live musicians will monitor and respond to the proceedings, providing subtle support for entrances, speeches and toasts as necessary.

As background music for all types of receptions, the Celtic harp with violin and /or woodwinds creates a relaxing scene. Like the scent of a bouquet of flowers fresh from a country garden, or the pleasant undertone of a brook or a fountain, the music wafts among the guests easing tension and providing a romantic, Old World ambiance.

Julia Lane plays the Celtic harp, ancestor of the orchestral harp, that features an enchanting resonant tone. Her lively, unique style has won several competitions. Fred Gosbee performs on violin, flutes, whistles and viola. Both are accomplished vocalists. Their resulting blend has been described variously as mellow, captivating and delightful.

Programs are available with or without vocals. A demo cd is available upon request.

Here is a partial listing of our repertoire - we know something like 300 tunes. Although we can play from mannuscript we much prefer to work without written music. In this way we are better able to monitor the event and alter the music to provide the best support. The processional, for example, almost never takes the amount of time allotted. We are able to shorten or lengthen the music and still bring it to a logical resolution.

The following lists of music are separated into catagories according to how each tune tends to be used. These catagories are only suggestions. We have had brides decide that one of our recessionals is perfect for her processional.

For the prelude and reception we draw on a much wider range of tunes, primarily from Scottish and Irish sources but also many tunes that we have written.

There are sound samples for any titles that work as links. Just click each title to hear 10-20 seconds of music.

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